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The Haroldo de Campos Collection – housed at the Casa das Rosas since it was donated to the state of São Paulo in 2004 – is comprised of books that were part of the poet’s library and works of art from his private collection. Since 2004, subsequent donations and acquisitions have extended the original collection on which the library was founded.

With approximately twenty thousand volumes in the form of books and papers, the Haroldo de Campos Collection is a unique resource for researchers. The poet’s extensive interests are reflected in the collection’s diversity; it includes 34 languages and a variety of foreign literature. Haroldo’s personal entries, in the form of underscores, margin notes and remissive indexes, provide a valuable source of investigation into the poet’s reading and analytical process.


The Haroldo de Campos Collection also includes the collection of another important figure in Brazilian literary exchange, that of L.C. Vinholes. His collection adds a significant number of works of Brazilian Concrete Poetry and Japanese poetry.


Through prior appointment, the bibliographical collection is available for in-house consultation and is frequently visited by local and foreign researchers.


In addition to acquiring relevant documents that contribute to the study of his work, the Reference Center is constantly looking to add to the existing collection by acquiring new publications about Haroldo de Campos. Upon prior evaluation, the Reference Center accepts donations of original or copies of documents related to the writer.

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